Grace Based Foster & Adoptive Conference Online

Family Matters


The Grace Based Foster & Adoptive Conference Online is a streaming video of our parenting conference geared specifically for foster and adoptive parents, and taught by foster and adoptive parents and other experts. For those who want to make grace the calling card of their family, this is a must have!

Session One: Dr. Tim Kimmel: "Grace Based Families"
Dr. Kimmel, Founder of Family Matters speaks on the importance of grace in families with foster and adoptive children.

Session Two: Peter Bartolini: "Into the Heart of Every Child"
Foster and Adoptive parent, and Grace Based Parenting advocate, Peter Bartolini discusses the three inner needs that every child is born with and the special ways to fulfill them in foster and adoptive children.

Session Three: Susan TeBos: "Grace Based Parents Know How to Chase after their Kids' Hearts,"
Author and adoptive parent Susan Tebos discusses pursuing foster kids' hearts the way God pursues us.

Session Four: Tim, Peter & Susan, joined by adoptee Angela Yang, answer questions.

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