Little House on the Freeway

Family Matters

$8.99 $14.99

Don’t let busyness and the temptation to “keep up with the Joneses” rob you of the peace and incredible quality of relationships God created for you. This book will equip you and your family with confidence and practical, stress-saving skills as you take the off-ramp to sanity, peace, and family harmony.

Also check out The Hurried Family, a small group video study based on Little House on the Freeway.

"Hurry and busyness are everyday parts of modern life. True priorities of things that matter most may be lost. Little House on the Freeway offers biblical insights and principles to our hurried existence–help from the Word of God for the life being lived in the fast lane."
- Billy Graham

"The Bible says to 'be still and know God'–a challenge in our harried culture.. This book will help you achieve relational wellness with God, your spouse, and your children."
- Don M. "Bubba" Cathy, Executive Vice President, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

"Like learning to breathe, blink, or swallow, we assume we'll automatically know how to rest. But in the rush of today's world, what was once an automatic response is now an acquired behavior. Tim Kimmel teaches us how to rest…and, therefore, how to live."
- Elisa Morgan, MOPS International

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