Little House On The Freeway - Audio Book

Family Matters

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Revised and expanded edition of the timeless classic with more than 300,000 book copies sold. In the midst of an ever more hurried schedule of meetings, chores, kids' activities and volunteer commitments, there is hope for a change of pace. Dr. Tim Kimmel, one of America's top advocates speaking for the family today, examines the speed at which families live to reveal not only how to put on the brakes but how to get off the freeway altogether. NOW ON AUDIO! The book that led the wave toward quality family time has been updated to rescue another generation from hurry. Tim explains how to maintain true priorities in order to restore calmness and enrich key areas of life: marriage, family, work and a relationship with God. New material addresses the perils of the Internet and a bonus section "Ways to Give Rest to Your Family" offers a simple-to-execute plan that's sure to help families get off to a fresh start.