Military Value Pack

Family Matters


This special collection was compiled with the men and women of our military, first response teams, fire and police departments in mind. These resources will encourage, equip and empower you through your many challenges, to be men, women, husbands, wives and parents transformed by the power of God’s grace.    

This collection contains:

Basic Training For a Few Good Men

Dads, your kids are looking to you to lead the way onto the battlefield of life. You’ll learn how to be the kind of man who flourishes in his work, marriage and relationship with his kids.

The High Cost Of High Control

No one likes to be controlled, especially our spouse and kids. Life can be a whole lot more pleasant around our house when we determine to keep our kids under control, rather than try to control them. Dr. Tim Kimmel gives us the biblical strategy for breaking free from the pain of controlling people and avoiding being a high-controller yourself.

In Praise Of Plan B

Life doesn’t always go according to plan—your plan, that is. These twenty lighthearted, encouraging stories will remind you that making the most of whatever happens is a much better way to go through life. We might find that our plan B was by God’s design all along. And, God’s plan is always the best one!

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