What's the Big Deal?: Why God Cares About Sex

Family Matters

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You know what sex is. You've heard other kids talking about it, and maybe you've heard it talked about on TV. But TV doesn't tell you everything, and you probably still have some questions. That's great because What's the Big Deal? was written to help kids like you, ages 8 to 11, find the answers you need. This book explains the basic facts about sex and related issues such as:

    • Why God made adults so that they want to have sex

    • Why God designed sex to be shared only within marriage

    • What God actually says in the Bible about sex

    • The amazing changes ahead of you during puberty

    • How to respond when you feel sexual pressure from friends, TV shows, movies, and magazines

Your parents will read this book with you or discuss it with you as you read it on your own. They'll answer any leftover questions you might have and help you understand what a beautiful and exciting gift from God your sexuality is meant to be.

Book 3 in the God's Design For Sex Series