Why Christian Kids Rebel

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Why Christian Kids Rebel is written to parents who are  frustrated or discouraged with the results of their spiritual efforts on their children, providing a new way to look at the "ideal" Christian home.

Parents may raise their children in Sunday School and Church from the time they are born, they may educate them in a religious home or send them to a Christian School, they may have daily devotions with them and send them to Church Camp, but the sad truth is that a lot of parents who faithfully do the things that sound like they’d point kids in the right direction are often disappointed with the results. That compliant, scripture quoting, chorus-humming child turns into an apathetic or antagonistic adolescent. Sometimes they start even earlier.

Why Christian Kids Rebel slips past the veneer of our Christian lifestyle and takes a hard look at the heart of our faith. It not only forces us to question the status quo of our most popular parenting models, but gives us a fresh air approach to raising our children in a post-modern world. What is at stake here is not our Christian reputation, but the very lifeline for the next generation of pastors, missionaries, leaders, and parents.

Author of Grace-Based Parenting and the best-selling Little House on the Freeway, Dr. Tim Kimmel helps Christian parents avoid the potential problems their well-meaning parenting styles could create. This book offers a new way to look at the "ideal" Christian home and shows why "cocoon-style" Christian homes don't always work.

Many parents have "done it all" when it comes to the checklist  of good Christian parenting, only to see their son or daughter step away from their belief system and embrace other lifestyle choices.

Dr. Kimmel helps to increase the chances that your children will develop a vibrant faith early in life and stick with it on into adulthood. It will also provide help and hope for those already dealing with a rebellious teen and teach them how to lead the child back into a walk of faith.

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